Secrets of a Successful Engineer

An engineering career is one of a kind career where one can make pioneering developments in various fields.

But, why is it that some engineers succeed and excel in their fields while some make average progress?

This is because successful engineers do things differently. Successful engineers always have a vision from the very beginning. They work according to their plan of action. Their aim is not limited to getting enrolled in top engineering schools and achieving lucrative salary packages at the end of four years. Their aim is to think, develop, and bring about revolutionary changes. They are driven by passion not by monetary benefits. An engineer who has a true drive will always –

1. Learn new things: They always indulge in this never-ending habit of learning new things. They would not limit themselves to learning a single thing. They will learn a lot of languages like object oriented language (C++), statically typed language like Java, functional type language like Scala or Haskell, dynamically typed language like Ruby. They also love learning various languages like Perl, Python, and Shell.

2. Keep themselves aware: Passionate engineers have a love for reading, be it Engineering books, journals, articles or magazines. They love technology and leave no stone unturned to discover more and more about it.

3. Teach: To share your knowledge means to enhance your knowledge. Genius engineers are often devoted mentors. They will love to guide their juniors and often provide teaching/training sessions to help them clear their doubts. This practice helps them to hone their skills and enhance their knowledge.

4. Love Innovation: A passionate engineer constantly think of innovative methods to simplify day-to-day procedures. His activities aren’t restricted to a cramped office cubicle. His mind is full of ideas. They have keen eye for detail and love to develop new technologies for the convenience of humankind.

5. Listen and maintain a team spirit: They engage in smart conversations. They never ever pose to be “A know- it- all”. In fact, they are always curious and love to learn from other people’s experiences and researches. They would love to share ideas and would often want to work in a team rather than working all alone.

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