Our admission process will guide you through taking admissions at various classes in schools.

For admission in classes:


ü  (L.K.G),

ü  Prep. (U.K.G),

ü  Class I to X,

ü  Class XI & XII (Arts, Commerce & Science Streams)

Registration Process

  1. Send the application form to the Administrative Office of selected school according to the time limit given by the school.


  1. Admission to NURSERY, L.K.G, and Prep will be through Surveillance/Interaction.


  1. To take admission in classes VI to X, students have to give a written test as decided by the school authority.

During registration, the following documents are to be submitted to the Administrative Office of the school selected by students:

ü  Appropriately filled and signed Registration Forms.

ü  2 passport size, colored photographs of the student.

ü  Proof of; Date of Birth of student

ü  Student has to submit the Transport Form (If wants to avail school transport)

ü  Photocopy of the in attendance school

ü  Ultimate exam report card of two previous classes

ü  Present years report card for class I to IX.


The Admission procedure

        I.            Nursery, L.K.G., and Prep


Children are admitted to School in classes Nursery, L.K.G., and Prep only after completion of 3 years and 4 years, respectively. Parents are informed through advertisement/notification in the newspapers’/schools’ notice board/ schools’ website for new session.

The registration form along with the prospectus will be available at the school office in specific no. in the first week of new session. Applications are short-listed on the basis of an arbitrary selection, without any screening of children, or their parents.


      II.            Switch over, Primary Classes I – V


Student will be admitted in changeover to Class V, depending upon the seats available. Parents need to check the desired School’s notice board, or website. The registration form along with the prospectus is available at the school office in specific no. in the start of new session. It’s a random selection process, without any admission test or screening of children/ their parents.


    III.            Classes VI – X


Students have to give the admission tests held for Classes VI to X, only if there are vacancies. The report card and the original transfer certificate from the previous school are required.


    IV.            Class XI&XII


All students clearing the secondary examination can get enrollment in Class XI, if there are vacant seats. For class XII, merit/marks of class XI is needed. Secondly, the choice of stream; Arts, Commerce, or Science will depend upon the merit/percentage gain in board examination held for class X and merit of class XI for class XII respectively.

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