How to pick the right college

Choosing the right college can be quite stressful for both parents and students. We give you some useful tips on how to choose the college that is perfect for you.

Rank your priorities. Make an extended list of pros and cons. Identify several aspects of college lifeā€”the size of the school, the strength of the athletic program etc., then figure out what really matters to you. Does the school athletic program matter to you? Do you prefer to study in a small school or a big school?

Graduate school is a big investment; you will be committing 4 years of your life to school. As you balance your academics and campus life, keep your focus on the end result. After school where would you want to be in terms of your career, where do you see yourself financially? Think about subjects you are good at, whether it is science, math, arts, business, or technology. You should pursue your passion in your college degree. Take time to think about that because it will help you in the long run, and help you do better in school. As you are choosing a subject to major in that you are already passionate about and have some natural curiosity in it.

Delve into the specific departments of different colleges. A school that ranks #1 for the history department may not be well known for the biology department. Academic prestige can be deciphered on a smaller scale. This thorough checking will help the students and parents in picking the right college. Also, it is important to pay more attention to schools that have active faculty members networking with employers in the given field. This opens up opportunities for internships and there may be jobs in the future.

Look for on campus placement opportunities. Try to learn if the school has on-campus interviews, job fairs etc. Does the school have a career services center? Is the number of student per career counselor sufficient? Develop a four-year plan to find yourself a job immediately after you graduate and the process will be much easier if your school supports such an environment.

It is critical to compare the financial aid packages among different schools. Taking into consideration tuition, and financial aid, you will be able to calculate what the monthly loan payment will amount to after you graduate from school. After considering all these factors it will be really helpful to pick the right college.