How to choose the right stream for yourself after class X

A student’s life goes for a big change after class X exams. Besides being an important milestone in a school student’s life, Class X is also the starting point of one’s career. It is at this juncture that a student takes up subjects of his choice, prepares for courses after the 12th and focuses for better career prospects in future.

Usually, students take decisions regarding which stream to pursue with a puzzled and ambiguous mind and end up selecting the wrong stream, thereby opening the door to the worst consequences in the long term career prospects. Sometimes bad decisions are taken due to parental and peer pressure or due to lack of knowledge which hampers their career. So choosing the right stream is very much essential and has a long lasting impact on the student’s future.
All streams like science, commerce, humanities offer considerable subjects and opportunities to enter into exquisite careers and opt for excellent courses after the 12th.Hence, the choices must be made very wisely.

Guidelines for choosing the right stream:
# Self awareness
It is the first stage of stream choice. The student should choose a stream that matches his aptitude and personality and keeps options for future open. There are aptitude tests which can be taken by the student to know about his talent and get recommendations from experts for the best-suited stream after the 10th. A detailed strength- weakness should be done before reaching a final decision.

# Discussion with seniors/parents/teachers
Students sometimes take wrong decisions due to lack of knowledge. Guidance from experienced people and experts can be of great assistance. Many a time, students ignore their passion and follow their parents’ decision. So it is advisable to have healthy discussions during this phase.

#Consulting Career Counsellors
To get more clarification, a student can consult some career counselors. Various tests like Psychometric tests can be conducted to map the real talent of the students. Attending seminars, career guidance and educational fairs would give more options to students to explore career choices.