Enroll India is a well renowned name offering consultation services for taking admissions at various levels in India. We take a comprehensive discussion with the parent(s) and children for providing helpful tips, information and other resources for taking admissions in different Schools, Colleges, and Professional Institutes.

We have intelligent consultants who will help better understand your child’s and your family’s values, priorities, and preferences. In addition, with our counseling, we will get to know your child’s potential, needs, and learning style. We have a lot more to offer regarding admission at various levels.

Junior and Senior Application Plan

We provide detailed support related to the School/College and Professional course admissions process. With the Junior and Senior Plan, our counselor advisor will guide students with the following:

  • Student Evaluation
  • Review current student profile to date
  • School/College/Professional course selection
  • Assist, evaluate, and settle down a list of Schools/Colleges/Professional Institutes to which the student wants to apply
  • Categorize School/Colleges/Professional Institute to visit
  • Familiarize what to look for on School/College/Professional Institutes’ visits
  • Give brainstorm ideas
  • Review Application
  • Help the student emphasize strength
  • Schedule their test

School/College/Institute Target Analysis

We mingle your child’s profile with School/College/Institutes’ counselors comprehensive database. With the decisive addition of our consultant’s own familiarity with Schools/Colleges and Institutes, we create a Target Analysis. This report is developed exclusively for your child, based on the profile information gathered by us. We recognize, identifying criteria such as size, locality, academics and likelihood of gaining acceptance. Our counselors’ will help answer your questions and suggest a path forward to make sure your child thrives.

School/College/Institute Visit & Interview Preparation

Our counselors will provide help and advice in preparing your visit to School/College and Institute. You can point out elements to look for and helpful questions to ask; we will help understand the information you receive and guide you in evaluating your knowledge during the tour. In groundwork for your all-important interviews, our counselor consultant will work with a student as a coach to produce the best possible image.  We will debrief with you after the visits you have scheduled to make sure what, if any, follow-up is required.

The conclusion you make

At the end of the procedure, you may have several choices to choose from.  Our counselor consultant will help you to assess, what you have learned during this journey. He/she will weigh your options, so that you can make the most appropriate decision for taking admission in desired School/College, or Professional Institute.

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